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iReport: Straight to the intended audience

METRO MANILA, Philippines – October 22, 2016 – Almost everything can go viral nowadays, from Pens and Apples to, cat videos or anything in between. A share and a like can go a long way.

But not all posts in social media get noticed, and with it, the chance to be heard by the intended audience, specifically the government.

That’s why Cormant Technologies Inc., launched free mobile application iReport for concerned citizens to reach directly to the government.

Posts in Facebook or Twitter will most likely be noticed only if it goes viral,” said Cormant Tech Enterprise Solutions Manager Alma Rivera during the mobile app’s launch at the SMX in SM Aura, Taguig.

“With the use of iReport, there is no need for that to happen. Your concerns and ideas will be forwarded to the proper authorities,” added Rivera of the app which can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store.

The easy-to-access smartphone application provides an easier way of reporting issues, suggestions or commendations. Also, the reports received through the app will be forwarded to the proper government agency in near real time.

Users can add photos to their incident/issue report to add credibility. In addition, the app can still be used even in offline mode, and once a connection is established, it will automatically submit the report.

iReport has an easy-to-use design interface and utilizes general types of issues (e.g. traffic and transportation) in the menu, the system then determines the appropriate agency to send it to.

“I would like the Filipinos to always remember the hashtag ‘#iReportNaYan’, which means you want to send a report to the government, anytime, anywhere,” said Application Manager Melvin Lopez.

iReport, an internally-funded CSR project of Cormant, ‘empowers citizens to participate in policy creation’ while eliminating the arduous process of reporting an issue to the government.

According to the creators, the structured reports that the government will receive will be able to monitor which issues have been addressed, and which are still pending.