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HR Manager at leading mobile workforce solutions company

METRO MANILA, Philippines – February 28, 2017 – Cormant Technologies Inc. (“Cormant”) announces that it has appointed Ms. Tessa Lim as its new Human Resources Manager responsible for the development and delivery of HR strategy based at the company’s headquarters in Manila, Philippines.

Tessa has over 10 years of work experience as an HR practitioner in various industries including retail, business process, logistics and distribution.  Prior to joining Cormant, Tessa was an HR and Admin Manager with O+USA for five years.  She has significant experience in recruitment, labor relations, employee engagement, and organizational development.

With a long and successful career in HR roles, Tessa is well equipped to support the directors, senior managers and all of Cormant’s staff.

Ian Wilson, President and CEO of Cormant, said “Tessa has valuable expertise in the delivery of HR advice and supporting projects across different service areas to achieve organizational and business/strategic goals.   Tessa will lead the entire HR function, which will help to support Cormant’s growth and development of HR practices in all areas of operations.”

Wilson added: “This is an exciting time for Tessa to join Cormant as the company continues to benefit from a period of innovation and growth, particularly within the area of mobile workforce software solutions for enterprises.  Following the launch of iReport ( late last year, Cormant has received considerable interest from companies in many industry sectors moving to use digital forms with a complete workflow.”

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About Cormant

Cormant ( was founded in 2001 as an IT company focusing on enterprise grade software designed for infrastructure management, courier/logistics and the need for mobile workforce enablement.  Cormant is a leading company in providing solutions where forms are digitized and are managed through a workflow including a full integration to dispatch to and process on smart phones.

In October 2016, Cormant launched a free mobile application called iReport ( for Android and iOS devices.  The iReport mobile application is a private sector initiative to provide a channel with a single smart phone application for citizens to convey issues, suggestions or commendations to the Government. The reports received through the application will be forwarded to the proper government agency in near real time.

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