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Significant product upgrade of mobile workforce solution

METRO MANILA, Philippines – April 11, 2017 – Cormant Technologies Inc. (“Cormant”) announces that it has launched the latest version of its leading mobile workforce solution with significant new functionality.

Cormant’s mobile workforce solution, known as PowerForm, provides its customers with a system that allows clients to create their own digital forms.  These digital forms transition through PowerForm™’s complete workflow, which includes tasks being dispatched electronically to field agents and completed using smart phones, up to review and approval.

PowerForm™ transforms businesses that have been using paper based forms, with the expensive need for agents to travel to/from the office and subsequent encoding.   The latest version, PowerForm™ 2.0, includes two new major functionalities – Reference Data and Calculations.

Reference Data allows clients to include a database in the smart phones of field agents with standard information that can be used automatically in PowerForms.   This is important functionality for companies where large amounts of organized data needs to be readily available for use in the field.   Examples include a customer database (delivery companies, loyalty systems), product lists and pricing (order forms) and inventory (service/repair companies).

The Calculations functionality allows PowerForm™ fields to be used together in computations within the form.   This can be as simple as creating a total in an order forms.  With all normally used operators available and with no limit on how many fields are used, however, clients can now use PowerForm™ with virtually any type of complex calculation.

Cormant has been a leading technology partner of one of the world’s largest international courier companies for many years.  With its domain knowledge of the courier industry and expertise in developing enterprise systems, a mobile workforce solution has been a natural strength for the company.

Ian Wilson, President and CEO of Cormant, said “PowerForm™ has helped companies to use smart phones in the field and leverage from the digital technologies.   Clients have already benefited from the increased speed of processing at a lower cost, while the new Reference Data and Calculations functionalities extends the opportunities for use.”

Wilson added: “The launch of iReport ( late last year showed how digital forms can be used in citizens’ reporting and has already gain considerable interest and support.  iReport is based on PowerForm and can also take advantage of these new advanced features.”

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About Cormant

Cormant ( was founded in 2001 as an IT company focusing on enterprise grade software designed for infrastructure management, courier/logistics and the need for mobile workforce enablement.  Cormant is a leading company in providing solutions where forms are digitized and are managed through a workflow including a full integration to dispatch to and process on smart phones.

In October 2016, Cormant launched a free mobile application called iReport ( for Android and iOS devices.  The iReport mobile application is a private sector initiative to provide a channel with a single smart phone application for citizens to convey issues, suggestions or commendations to the Government. The reports received through the application will be forwarded to the proper government agency in near real time.

PowerForm™ can be downloaded for free for trial by registering at the website –

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