Cormant Technologies

Courier and Logistics Application

Key facets of developing projects for Courier and Logistics companies.

High-Speed Processing

In the global courier industry, transaction volumes can be highly significant but fast processing is also critical. Cormant has worked on applications where such high speed processing has been a key metric for success, even when combined with complex logic (e.g. duties and taxes computations)

Technology Innovations

As the industry and technology have advanced, companies may be left with legacy applications that need to be replaced to deal with the current expectations of all stakeholders (customers, employees, customs, brokers/agents etc).

Cormant has helped to engineer applications that have replaced outdated applications that have allowed for a re-engineering of business processes, new standardized interfaces and with the latest technology. With a focus on service oriented architecture, Cormant has helped to replace stovepipe applications with modern, integrated platforms that can be used within a globally designed IT environment.

Global Reach

By their very nature, courier companies need to be able to conduct business on a global basis, either independently or by working with partners in other territories.

Cormant has worked successfully with project teams in many different countries leading to applications being deployed for use in countries around the world (US, Germany, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia etc). The flexibility of Cormant to deal with the cultures and companies in different parts of the world reflects the global profile and nature of the courier industry.