Cormant Technologies

Mobile Workforce Enablement

Empowering the Mobile Enterprise

The benefits of using web and mobile applications for the enterprise cascade through all levels of an organization. For the field personnel or the mobile workforce, it is a tool to help them be more productive and efficient. For management, mobile applications provide unprecedented visibility over operations that aid in better decision making. We categorize our users as follows:


Whether they supervising from HQ or work mostly out of the office at different work locations, management is primarily concerned with being on top of what’s happening in the organization. They need to make informed decisions and execute approvals, and rely on timely information in order to do so. Our solutions provide a way of handling scheduling, dispatch, document management, monitoring and reporting, all at a great value.

With the advent of Smartphones and affordable mobile broadband it is easy to equip your organization with the right tools. Our multi-industry field solutions provide simple and easy to use mobile and web applications .

Field Personnel

Their job might be to visit key accounts, sell products and services or gather information. Medical representatives, merchandisers, sales agents are some examples of field personnel. Our mobile workforce solutions enable easy data capture and seamless exchange from the field to the head office.