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World Class Application Development

Cormant is as a global organization providing best of breed solutions using leading technology frameworks coupled with innovation in design and highly skilled professionals in execution.

We aim to make our clients’ businesses more successful by delivering well designed and high performing solutions tailored to their specific needs. We achieve this through a depth of knowledge in rich technologies (Java, .NET, Oracle, SQL etc) and a focus on the four domains to ensure the relevance and reliability of our software applications.

Effective Team Work

We foster an environment wherein fellow team members, customers, partners and shareholders are valued and treated with respect, sensitivity and fairness.

Quality & Excellence

We set the highest standards for excellence and make every effort to go beyond what is expected.

Client Value

We continually strive to fulfill the needs and create value for our internal and external clients.


Cormant has been involved in world class application development focusing on:

Courier and Logistics Applications

Cormant is a premier provider of software for the global courier industry, including cross border applications. Our team possesses industry expertise in a full range of both strategic projects (e.g. global, service oriented applications) as well as those required for standalone purposes (e.g. country specific integration).

Our success in the courier domain is due to our deep understanding of the industry and recognition of the challenges faced by couriers. Projects undertaken by Cormant have involved work addressing many of these issues, helping to turn them into opportunities for our clients.

Mobile Workforce Enablement

Cormant empowers organizations to increase productivity and revolutionize business processes through its suite of web and mobile applications.

We plan and align our strategies with our clients to effectively improve and execute the best solutions. We develop with our clients and business partners tools that not only improve business communications and operations but also provide enduring competitive advantages.

Bespoke Development

Custom software, or bespoke development, is software that is developed specially for a particular organization or customer. It can be contrasted with the use of commercial off-the-shelf software, or existing free software, which is more generic in nature and such products are developed for the mass market.

Infrastructure Management

Cormant has been involved in the development of Cormant-CS (formerly CableSolve), which provides a holistic approach to the documentation and management of the entire IT infrastructure, including assets, power, connectivity, space, and work-flow.

Cormant-CS/CableSolve is the most trusted, configurable, flexible and portable DCIM solution available, providing complete visibility into the physical layer, including all assets and connectivity, along with data gathered directly from devices. Cormant-CS/CableSolve does not stop at just DCIM; it supports management of the IT infrastructure within the enterprise environment, including work areas and campus environments.